Information About Repointing

Repointing is a skilled job that is often overlooked due to the convenience of using cement-based mortars and the prevalence of using pointing guns to apply mortar. Unfortunately, this has led to many instances of poorly done repointing jobs with cement dripping down walls and chimney stacks.…

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The Importance Of Lime Torching 

If you are to maintain an old home for future generations, there are many steps to take. Lime Torching is one way to keep your roof space dry and the bugs away.

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The Benefits Of Using Limewash

Limewash is an ancient, versatile painting technique. The use of limewash has spanned centuries and continents. From Europe to Asia, Limewash has been used to protect the walls of buildings and bring life to any structure. Limewash is a white or off-white paint made by mixing burnt…

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