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Restoring Heritage Chimneys with Care and Craftsmanship

Welcome to The Yorkshire Lime Company, the heritage building experts nested in the heart of Yorkshire. We are a specialised contractor with a wealth of experience and expertise in restoring and repairing chimneys, upholding a commitment to time-honoured craftsmanship.

As any homeowner knows, a dry home is a happy home. But many people don’t realise that their chimney is integral to keeping their home dry. That’s why ensuring your chimney is in good repair is crucial. Chimney repairs can involve anything from minor repairs like chimney repointing and chimney flaunching to significant repairs like rebuilding the chimney. If you live in a traditional home or a listed building, you must ensure that any repairs are done using traditional methods and materials. Hiring professionals who know how to do the job right is crucial. Not only will they be able to repair your chimney correctly, but they’ll also be able to advise you on the best way to keep it in good shape.

If you have a chimney repair project in mind, we eagerly await the opportunity to discuss your needs and fashion a bespoke solution that benefits the distinctive charm of Yorkshire. Get in touch, and let’s restore the heritage of Yorkshire chimney stacks together!

Chimney Rebuilding and Repair

As any conservationist knows, maintaining your chimney is vital to preventing dampness and masonry decay. In most cases, people no longer use their fires, so they’re left capped off, which causes condensation build-up that leads to sulfate minerals drawing through brickwork over time. The condensation build-up can be prevented by leaving an open top with a cowl fitted over the chimney pots with internal air vents to allow airflow. Doing this will allow the bricks to dry out naturally, reducing the risk of dampness. In addition, it is vital to check the flaunching regularly to ensure it is still in good condition and does not allow water to penetrate the bricks below. A well-maintained chimney will last for many years and help to protect the rest of the building from dampness and decay.

One of the main reasons traditional chimneys eventually require repairing or even rebuilding is the use of cement mortar for pointing, rendering, and flaunching repairs. Cement mortar does not allow moisture to pass through it, which causes swelling and blistering in traditional masonry. Trapping moisture inside the masonry leads to efflorescence and the dissolution of lime mortar, destabilising the chimney structure. It is essential to use a breathable mortar when working on traditional masonry. Breathable mortars are designed to allow moisture to escape, preventing the build-up of damaging moisture within the masonry. Using a breathable mortar can help extend the life of your traditional chimney and avoid the need for expensive rebuilding work.

At The Yorkshire Lime Company, our professional masons have many years of experience rebuilding and repairing chimneys. Thanks to our use of traditional methods and high standard of materials, they can rest assured that their property is safe.

Types of Chimney Repairs

We are heritage building contractors trained and experienced in traditional chimney repairs and rebuilding at the Yorkshire Lime Company. Having offered our heritage service in Yorkshire for many years, we have developed an excellent reputation for the quality of our work and customer service.

This means we can carry out various repairs and rebuilding of the chimneys, including the below types and more.

Check Out Some of Our Completed Heritage Chimney Repairs and Rebuilding Projects!

Glen Esk House Grade II listed building. Hot lime pointing, Keighley, Bradford

Glen Esk Farm House Dating from the 1700s Grade II Listed Building in Bradford, West Yorkshire

Glen Esk Farm House is a grade II listed building in West Morton, Bradford. Traditional masonry repairs, hot lime pointing, and chimney repair have been carried out using traditional techniques and materials to maintain the building’s historic character. Check the results!

Lime pointing and masonry repairs at Carr lodge mansion a Grade II Listed building in Horbury,Wakefield

Carr Lodge/Sunroyd House A Grade II Listed Building Dated In The 1700s. Horbury, Wakefield

Located in Horbury, Carr Lodge required extensive brick replacement, repairs using lime mortar for pointing, and rebuilt part of the chimney stack. Check the results.

Heritage Preservation ar The Old Cottage in Chapelthorpe, Wakefield

The Old Cottage Grade II Listed Building Dated From The 1400s. Chapelthorpe, Wakefield

Wakefield has a rich history, and Chapelthorpe is one of its most historic neighbourhoods. Roof torching with lime was carried out in one of the cottages in the village. The chimney repair was needed. Check the results.

Why Choose The Yorkshire Lime Company for Heritage Chimney Repair Services in Yorkshire?

Yorkshire is home to a wealth of traditional buildings and heritage sites, many of which are listed. At The Yorkshire Lime Company, we have a wealth of experience working on conventional and listed buildings. We cover the whole of Yorkshire, from the North York Moors to the Pennines, and our team is passionate about preserving the region’s heritage. We offer various traditional and heritage building services, from chimney repointing and repairs to chimney flaunching. Whether you’re looking to restore a historic building to its former glory or to renovate a listed property sympathetically, we can help.

Some of the main reasons why we believe that you should choose us for:

  • We have a deep understanding of traditional lime mortars
  • We are passionate about protecting the UK’s historic built environment
  • We are a team of experienced conservation professionals
  • We are qualified in standard masonry structure repairs
  • We’re competitively priced with other masons across the UK

The above points are just a few main reasons why we believe you should choose us for building restoration services in Yorkshire. For more information about us or any of our building services, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Frequently Asked Question On Heritage Chimney Repairs

The top of a chimney can be fixed in many ways, but it is important to use the correct materials to ensure a compatible repair. Cement mortar, lead seals and other non-permeable materials are incompatible with repairs and cause more damage to porous masonry structures. Traditionally built homes rely on porous materials to allow moisture to be drawn out through them. Cement pointing and cement flaunching trap moisture behind it. This moisture causes efflorescence and erodes the masonry. The excess moisture erodes the lime mortar behind the cement that has been pasted between the joints, creating voids that allow water to ingress into the stack. This erosion continues further, eventually destabilising the masonry; rebuilding work is needed at this point.

The top of a chimney is sealed with a method called Flaunching. Mortar, sometimes mixed with pieces of masonry, is built up against the chimney pots to secure them into place and fill any gaps between them; Flaunching is applied over the fragments of masonry and over the chimney top to prevent water ingress and protect the masonry from erosion. When Flaunching a traditionally built chimney, it is vital to use a porous material to ensure moisture does not get trapped underneath it.

If you can’t visually see any defects with your chimneys, like missing mortar or dislodged masonry, the first sign will be dampness inside your chimney breast. However, dampness can be caused inside a chimney breast by numerous things, capping your chimney off or not having a cowl fitted. Ventilating your chimney is essential to prevent the build-up of moisture.

Scaffolding is required to safely access all four sides of most chimneys; the risk of damage and injury when working from ladders is far too high. Most chimneys need the top courses of brickwork relaying due to the erosion of the mortar joints. Flaunching a chimney involves removing all the existing loose Flaunching and resecuring the pots with the new Flaunching. Pointing work involves chiselling out existing mortar to replace it with lime mortar. None of this work can be done safely and correctly working from ladders.

Depending on what repair work you require would depend on the costs to do the job. A lead worker would be used for any lead flashing repairs, and a mason can be used for any pointing, flaunching or building work needed. Depending on the extent of the repairs involved would depend on the amount of money you would be charged. Typically you will be charged for the required materials and the day rate of the skilled worker.