Condensation is normally a bigger problem during the winter months, when the temperature outside is considerably cooler than indoors. However, with chilly conditions tirelessly persevering this year, homeowners should continue to take action to reduce condensation in their properties. 

Open windows

Although it is not very warm outside, it is a good idea to open windows from time to time for ventilation. 

Building and construction expert Thomas Goodman told Real Homes: “By keeping your windows open, you allow the humid air to circulate the room and escape outside.”

However, you may find it more effective to allow for a constant trickle of air to flow through if you want to avoid condensation. Material use could also make a difference and the likes of modern house paints could be part of the problem, whereas limewash and lime plaster can actually help you regulate moisture and prevent condensation buildup.

Keep heating on

Now we’re in April, many homeowners are reluctant to put their central heating on, but it could be prudent to have it on at a low level consistently or during the coldest times of the day.

This keeps surfaces warm and limits the temperature difference with the air, which causes condensation. Doing this is better than feeling freezing then blasting the house with hot air for a short period of time to compensate. 

Dry clothes outside

Using a tumble dryer is expensive and Ideal Home reported each load in a vented machine cost £1.82 in October 2022, amounting to an average of £216 a year. That is why many people hang up their washing instead. However, doing so in a room that is unventilated can lead to condensation problems.

Therefore, it is sensible to hang clothes outside at the first glimpse of sunshine or use a heated clothes airer when there is none. Ventilate the area by opening windows as well, as this will prevent water droplets forming. 

Reducing condensation is essential in a heritage home, as damp problems can be difficult to repair. Homes with water damage might even need historic property restoration.